Oikos \ɔɪ-kohs\noun [ancient Greek] family, kin, home
The building block of ancient Greek society, oikos means so much more than just flesh and blood. It is the home that nurtures the family and the land upon which that home stands. It’s the familiar essence that makes every Niko Niko’s location feel exactly like where you belong.

At Niko Niko’s, we believe food is the currency of love. So our oikos is always welcoming people who enjoy feeding as much as they enjoy eating, who delight in the delight of others and whose hearts are as sweet as our honey balls.

Feeling at home? Then apply to join our oikos. We offer full and part-time positions, location flexibility and the opportunity to develop within the Niko Niko’s family. When you work for Niko Niko’s, you join a welcoming community you’ll soon embrace as your own, from the cooks to the bussers to all of our loyal customers.

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